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  1. 3.3.2011 DAYS Japan International Photojournalism Awards 2011: Award by Special Jury for photo story on Japan suicide forest.

  1. 20.2.2011 Story on Dokdo/Takeshima, islands disputed by Japan and South Korea published in the Japan Times

  1. 20.12.2010 FCCT/OnAsia Photojournalism Awards 2010: Received honorary mention in feature photography category for photo relating to suicide forest story.

  1. 10.4.2011 Japan Times article about life inside the evacuation zone around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

  1. 10.4.2011 Mention in Japan Times article about DAYS Japan International Photojournalism Awards 2011.

  1. 27.3.2011 Article in the Japan Times about residents starting to pick up the pieces after the March 11 quake and tsunami in northeastern Japan

  1. A few of Robert's photos on display at the Konica-Minolta gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo as part of an exhibition of photos by winners of the the Days Japan Photojournalism Awards. Exhibition runs until May 18 before traveling to other locations. Gallery directions here

  1. 10.6.2011 Story here in Japan Times about fishermen in tsunami-ravaged areas trying to get their boats back in the water.

  2. 10.6.2011 宮城県内の被災地で仕事を復活しようとしている漁師さんについての記事掲載.オンライン版は こちら

  1. 23.6.2011 News feature here about suicides in the disaster-affected region of Japan

  2. 23.6.2011 東北被災地の自殺問題についての記事ジャパンタイムズに掲載. オンライン版はこちら (英文)

  1. 14.9.2011 Story here about a farmer who has decided not to evacuate his home near Fukushima power plant

  2. 14.9.2011 福島第一原発周辺に放射線の研究をしながら農家をやっている方についての記事は こちら

  1. 13.10.2011 Article published about parents who are still searching for their missing children in a tsunami-hit town in Miyagi Prefecture. Online version here

  2. 11.3.2012 津波でお子さんを亡くした両親達についてジャパンタイムズに掲載. オンライン版はこちら (英文)

  1. 23.4.2012 Article in New Scientist  about wearable muscle suits Online version here

  2. 23.4.2012 東京理科大で開発されたマッスルスーツについての記事がニューサイエンティストに掲載. オンライン版はこちら (英文)