11.3.2017 My book about the Fukushima nuclear crisis was released today. More information below 7.5.2016 Story about domestc violence ("Abuse was all I knew") published in The Japan Times 11.3.2016 Special feature commemoratng the 5th anniversary of the Tohoku disasters published in The Japan Times with images by three photographers, Bon Ishikawa, James Whitlow-Delano and Mayumi Suzuki 30.1.2016 Story about the plummeting stocks of bluefin tuna published in The Japan Times 19.12.2015 Story about Japan's aging society and employing retirees published in the Japan Times 19.9.2015 Story about the Taiji dolphin hunts in The Japan Times 13.6.2015 Feature about Niigata Minamata Disease in Japan Times 19.6.2013 Article in New Scientist about visiting the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant 16.4.2013 Story in the Japan Times and New Scientist about study claiming the method of killing dolphins in Taiji, the place featured in the Oscar-winning dicumentary The Cove, is inhumane 17.1.2013 Japan set to host the world's biggest offshore wind farm, article in the New Scientist 23.4.2012 Article in New Scientist about wearable muscle suits 13.10.2011 Article about parents still searching for missing children in tsunami-hit area 14.9.2011 Story about a farmer who has decided not to evacuate his home near Fukushima power plant 23.6.2011 News feature about suicides in the disaster-affected region of Japan 10.6.2011 Story in Japan Times about fishermen in tsunami-ravaged areas trying to get their boats back in the water. 12.5.2011 A few of Robert's photos on display at the Konica-Minolta gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo 10.4.2011 Japan Times article about life inside the evacuation zone around the leaking nuclear power plant 3.3.2011 days japan international photojournalism awards: robert receives award by special jury 20.2.2011 story on dokdo/takeshima, islands disputed by japan and korea published in the japan times